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2018-03-19 - Provincial Candidates Must Make a Choice to Manage Growth in NB

New Brunswick Business Community Seeks Platform Commitments to Focus on Growth of Priority Areas for the Provincial Economy

Moncton, NB ‑ An alliance of six business associations representing over 4,000 businesses in New Brunswick today announced its pre-election platform, ​We Choose Growth. ​The group is asking each of the provincial parties to commit to actions that support five priority areas of growth in their election platforms.

The group  of organizations believes that New Brunswick has a choice to either manage growth or to manage decline and they have unanimously chosen growth as their top priority. Growth in jobs, in population, in public revenues and in New Brunswick’s prosperity. The group is urging party leaders to address each of the five priority areas in their 2018 election platforms.

The alliance of organizations released its blueprint for economic growth today to help focus the dialogue leading into this year’s provincial election. The five proposed priority areas will require a strong commitment from government but will help New Brunswick reach its full potential. The priority areas to foster are: a private sector driven economy, responsible resource development, export-ready companies, labour force development, and responsible fiscal management.

“It’s a simple choice in our minds. We will all be relying on the next leader of the Province of New Brunswick to make the right choice for all New Brunswickers—to manage our growth or to manage our decline. And I can tell you right now the business community’s choice is to manage growth,” said Thomas Raffy, President & CEO of the Conseil économique du Nouveau- Brunswick. “The provincial economy is lagging behind and will continue to do so if we do not do something to turn the tide. It’s time to make decisions that extend beyond election cycles and to make choices to spur growth because the status quo is no longer an adequate response to our failing situation.”

The group came together in the summer of 2017 to develop solutions to the declining state of the economy. They are united in the belief that the role of government is not to create jobs, but to create a climate which attracts business investment to the province and encourages existing business to invest and grow here in the province.

“We are calling on the leaders to meet with us and to consider our recommendations. There are urgent needs to be addressed in our economy, such as people, jobs, and creating a cost-competitive environment for business to grow,” says Adrienne O’Pray, President and CEO of the NB Business Council. “As business leaders and problem solvers, we asked ourselves what actions would improve New Brunswick’s performance in these areas. We agreed the next government must focus and commit to fostering our private sector, our natural resources, our export capacity, our labour force and getting our fiscal house in order— if the choice is growth for New Brunswick then these are the areas that will move us to growth and reverse the decline.”

The five economic priorities are fully supported by the following business associations who work everyday to grow New Brunswick’s economy: Atlantic Chamber of Commerce, Conseil économique du Nouveau Brunswick, New Brunswick Business Council, Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce, and the Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce.

For more information:

Sheri Somerville
Atlantic Chamber of Commerce
As the strong, credible and unified voice that influences an environment where business in Atlantic Canada succeeds, the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce (ACC) represents more than 16,000 businesses through its network of 93 chambers of commerce and boards of trade in the four Atlantic provinces. ACC is a catalyst to influence, educate and advocate on policy related issues to support business, deliver high-value services and opportunities to our members, and to support and promote initiatives that contribute to sustainable economic growth in the region.

Thomas Raffy
Conseil économique du Nouveau Brunswick
Founded in 1979, Conseil économique du Nouveau-Brunswick inc. (CÉNB) is now the largest Francophone business network in the Atlantic Provinces, representing Francophone businesses in all sectors of the economy in the province of New Brunswick. Its mission is to represent the interests of the Francophone business community, fostering its development and competitiveness with a view to contributing to the province’s economic development.

Krista Ross
Fredericton Chamber of Commerce
The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce , a nationally accredited organization with nearly 1,000 members, is an active business organization engaged in policy development and advocacy that affects the competitiveness of our members and the Canadian business environment. The Chamber’s vision is Stronger Community Through Business Prosperity.

John Wishart
Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce
The Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce has been the independent voice of the business community in Greater Moncton for the past 127 years. Today, it represents more than 750 businesses representing 30,000 employees in Moncton, Dieppe and Riverview and the surrounding region.

Adrienne O’Pray
New Brunswick Business Council
The New Brunswick Business Council is a non-partisan group of leaders who have a deep, personal stake in the Province and its future, and have demonstrated a commitment to New Brunswick’s economic growth and community development. The Council promotes a competitive environment and a culture of business growth, seeks to help government shape policies, and to help secure prosperity for all New Brunswickers.

Dylan Folkins
Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce
The Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce is a nationally accredited business organization dedicated to fostering an economic climate that enhances growth, prosperity, and an improved quality of life in the community. With close to 700 businesses, representing the interests of approximately 35,000 people, The Chamber is a dynamic advocate and the principal voice for the business community of Greater Saint John. It offers a variety of programs, activities, services, and networking opportunities designed to enhance the business prospects of members and the overall business climate of the area.


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