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Heins Auto Spa

Offer Valid: 04/07/2021 - 12/31/2025
Anyone who gets a Spa Package #2 will be entered into our draw for 2 Heins Auto  Spa Level one details - 2 Surface Float gift certificates.  The gift certificate promo will be running from April 1st to August 31st with draw date on September 1st.

Level Two Spa Package

• Cabin air filter check (if applicable)

• Interior glass (windows)

• Compressed air – blow out between and under seats and crevices

• Pet hair removal

• Complete thorough vacuum covering all areas of the interior of the vehicle

• Deep clean thorough steam cleanse (door cards, cup holders, center console, steering wheel)

• All plastics and vinyl cleaned and dressed (door cards, cup holders etc...)

• Deep cleanse of leather seats and protection applied.

• Exterior glass (windows)

• Undercarriage exterior decontamination rinse

• Citrus front bumper prep-wash

• Exterior two bucket safe wash

• Door jambs tided

* • Rims front fascia cleaned

• Tires dressed

• Sealant applied (1 month durability)

• windshield washer fluid top up

• Tire air pressure check

COUPE – SEDAN $200 plus tax

WAGON – SM SUV $215 plus tax

LG SUV – TRUCK – MINIVAN $250 plus tax


call for pricing

• Shampoo service - seats if applicable and floors +30

• Engine bay tidy + 25

• Clay bar treatment with one step polish and seal +125

• Feynlab Nano Ceramic Sealant (3-6 month durability) hand applied +75

• Feynlab Ceramic Coating or Gyeon Ceramic Coating (1-2 year durability) +399

• Exterior glass coating +20 • Bumper and trim restore with coating options available +100

• Rims off clean and coating applied +299

*please note that due to unknown circumstances we are not able to completely remove all grease and dirt particles from door jambs areas and engine bays, we do our best to give a basic tidy of the areas.

This M2M Deal is promoted by Fredericton Chamber of Commerce .

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